Friday, July 18, 2008

Trail Conditions and Markings

The first acorns have fallen near the wetlands east of Hartwell Avenue. They're small, few, and early.

The Bedford end of the trail was a mess yesterday, slightly less so today. It's the victim of some very zealous mowing that scattered clippings, leaves, fir needles, twigs, and branches all along the last mile of the trail.

A thoughtful trail user has marked many bumps, dips, and cracks with orange spray paint. The marks run at least as far east as Grove Street in Arlington and as far west as Wiggins Avenue near the Bedford line. Lexington Center was skipped -- there aren't any markings between Hayes Lane and Fletcher Avenue, for example, though that stretch could use quite a few.

Today: 16.5 miles. This year: 742.8 miles.

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