Thursday, February 12, 2009

Upper-body exercise

While the trail is nearly skateable, many ramps are still thick with ice. I stopped at Hurd Field with a spade this morning and cut a two-foot-wide slot through the ice on the ramp. The drainage and exposed pavement should make the remaining ice melt away much sooner than it would have. Once the trail dries out, I should bring a broom instead.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trail Conditions: Coming along quickly

Sunshine and warmth raised my hopes that some part of the trail might be clear enough for skating. Full-width puddles, streams of runoff, and some scattered ice fields dashed those hopes for today. Even so, I walked from Thorndike Field down to Alewife Station and up to Arlington Center and found the trail quickly clearing. Online there are renewed plans for plowing in Lexington, although probably not until first the ice melts and later it snows again.

Last year a commenter remarked on some old signs in East Arlington that face away from the trail. One is east of the trail, roughly facing the end of Chandler Street and the other faces White Street to the west. The first has traces of lettering and the second is completely effaced. The top line might end in MPING. DUMPING FORBIDDEN is the best fit I could think of. My photo of the face was washed out by strong backlighting; you'll have to look for yourself.

At Thorndike Field, Arlington

Alewives near Alewife Station, Cambridge

Looking east toward Lake Street, Arlington

I never knew about the fines.

Illegible sign near Chandler Street, Arlington

Today: 2.7 miles walking. This year: 2.7 miles.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quads to move

The long-vacant Brattle Pharmacy, 1043 Mass. Ave. in Arlington, has a banner on the Brattle Street side announcing that Quad Cycles and Team Quad will soon be there. Much like their old location in Arlington Heights, they'll be just a couple of blocks off the Minuteman Trail at an access point with stairs. Either shoulder your bike or get off at Ryder Street instead.

Updates: Ted Packard reminds me there's a ramp from the trail to Washington Street, just 50 narrow, bumpy, semi-paved yards from Brattle Street. And after driving by from the other direction, I see there are posters advertising the new tenants on three sides of the building.

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Trail Conditions: Meltdown

Four days later, the same stretch of trail is awash in meltwater and edged with ice.

West from Mill Street, Arlington

Ice covers half the inbound lane at Mill Street.

This day, week, month, and year: 0 miles.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trail Conditions: Bright White

Even after plowing, the trail is a brighter white than your freshly-washed sheets.

Equipment tracks in the snow

West across Mill Street toward Arlington Center

East from Mill Street behind the old Brigham's building

Today: 0 miles. This year: 0 miles.