Monday, January 6, 2014


By Hurd Field, Arlington

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I took a few pictures while I was busy not posting last year.

There's a modern concrete tie at the top of the ramp behind Sunrise Assisted Living in Arlington Heights. I can only imagine it was set aside during track maintenance and left behind when the rails were removed.

There's a cluster of B&M signs and equipment at Mystic Street in Arlington Center.

A young girl walked by with her father as I was photographing these stops on a siding near Water Street. She told me there used to be a railroad here. She stage-whispered to her father as they walked away, "He didn't know that."

The Mill Brook runs in a culvert under Arlington High School's playing fields and emerges just below Mill Street.

I met Big Bird walking on the Somerville Community Path a couple of blocks from Davis Square.

The picturesque atmosphere wasn't fog, but dust stirred by maintenance at Hurd Field.

Atop the stairs behind Trader Joe's in Arlington Heights.

Betty Boop was one of four classic cartoon characters posted along the trail west of Lexington Center last summer.

Not skating or running leaves time to look at smaller details along the way.