Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quads to move

The long-vacant Brattle Pharmacy, 1043 Mass. Ave. in Arlington, has a banner on the Brattle Street side announcing that Quad Cycles and Team Quad will soon be there. Much like their old location in Arlington Heights, they'll be just a couple of blocks off the Minuteman Trail at an access point with stairs. Either shoulder your bike or get off at Ryder Street instead.

Updates: Ted Packard reminds me there's a ramp from the trail to Washington Street, just 50 narrow, bumpy, semi-paved yards from Brattle Street. And after driving by from the other direction, I see there are posters advertising the new tenants on three sides of the building.

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Ted Packard said...

You can get off the north side of the Path onto Washington St maybe 100 yards west of Brattle St. Then west on Washington and east on Brattle to the shop.

Congrats to QuadCycles on the much improved store location.