Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trail Conditions: Needs a Good Sweeping

The trail is covered in every kind of small debris after yesterday's thunderstorms: oak blossoms and maple seeds; branches, twigs, and leaves; and stones, gravel, and sand. I didn't fall, only staggered and flailed each time an unexpected stone or stick caught in my wheels. Bicyclists will be fine, I think, while runners might have to break stride or zigzag a bit to avoid missteps.

Today: 16.5 miles. This year: 260.3 miles.

Thursday morning update: One day of traffic and wind has cleared away most of the lighter debris. The East Lexington shoals are the worst remaining problem. These are low islands of sand, gravel, and stones that form west of Bow Street in Lexington, behind the plaza including Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant and The Music Emporium. There are smaller patches at Fottler Avenue and the private driveway west of Seasons Four.


Yury Kats said...

I wonder if I have seen you this morning on the trail... Did you happen to be skating eastbound near Rt128 bridge at about 9am? Blue shirts, white T-shirt with an image of a scorpion or a shrimp or an insect?

Trail Skater said...

The timing sounds right. Today's t-shirt has the logo for Discreet Logic's Inferno (now from Autodesk), which resembles a scorpion.

You look different without the suit and tie -- I didn't recognize you.

Yury Kats said...

Aha! I was biking and in opposite direction, which was downhill for me, so pretty fast. By the time I realized it might've been you (judging by your flickr icon), we were far away. Next time I'll try to look ahead and stop to say Hi when I see you!