Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mowing, Fair Weather

The Bedford section of the trail was decorated with fresh-cut grass this morning as the robot mower worked its way toward Lexington. This isn't an automatic robot, but a robotic arm of sorts mounted to a medium-sized piece of heavy equipment. The operator can lift and tilt the mower head at the end of the arm or move it closer or further from the tractor. It's an excellent tool for mowing the trail's long and irregular verges.

Yesterday was fine and breezy, this morning was cloudy and less breezy, and after this afternoon's thunderstorms the rest of the week is forecast to be fair and warm. With luck, I'll catch up a bit toward the ghost of 2007.

Today: 16.5 miles. This year: 243.8 miles.


Yury Kats said...

No picture?

Trail Skater said...

I wasn't positive it wouldn't start raining, so I left my camera in the car.