Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunny, Calm, and Not That Warm

Today was beautiful: sunny, calm, and not as warm as it looked. I was glad to have a pair of Asics running gloves, very cheap on final clearance at the sports store on Main Street in Concord. They're thin enough to go inside the wrist guards and breathable enough that my hands aren't sweat-soaked. Apart from the chill, today was a huge improvement over one year ago today. This year the trail is clear from Alewife, all through Arlington, and past Seasons Four in Lexington. There's snow cover after the private driveway crossing.

West from the private crossing

Somehow I've never noticed the map of the Arlington Center crossing standing near Mystic Street in the shadow of Uncle Sam. It helpfully explains the crossing layout and vainly implores riders to walk their bikes or follow the traffic rules. Nice try.

At Mystic Street, Arlington

Today: 8 miles. This year: 20.2 miles.

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