Friday, March 7, 2008

Sporadic Clearing

Arlington plowed the trail this winter and Lexington didn't. The trail is largely clear and dry in Arlington, save for a little debris and runoff in spots. Even where the snow has melted in Lexington there's the whole winter's wrack, scattered or in heaps, strewn along the trail.

Traveling west from Hurd Field yesterday I skirted around the messes, struggled through a couple of sandy crossings, and turned back behind Lexington Toyota where snow and ice covered the trail completely. In the opposite direction was the opposite story: all clear down to Mill Street. Daytime melting and torrential rain will clear much of Lexington's snow in the next few days, then there's just the debris to sweep away.

Looking west behind Lexington Toyota

Yesterday: 4.7 miles. This year: 12.2 miles.

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