Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On the road again

This morning I saw an outbound bicyclist with two young children in an open cargo bin toward the front of his bike. This afternoon one office-mate was telling another about the hazards of pedestrian life in Amsterdam, with their swarming, speeding cyclists. "And the kids just sit loose in these big baskets!" Sure enough, a little image-googling turns up a Dutch bicyle something very much like the one I saw.

Today's other unusual sight was a utility cover lifter in use near the Woburn Street Crossing. I'm sorry I didn't have my camera, as I can't find an on-line photo of a lifter with a counter-weighted handle such as this one seemed to have.

Most of the trail's root cracks and bumpy sections have been marked with white paint recently, mostly in little perpendicular stripes like Frankenstein's neck stitches. Some larger areas are marked by stenciled CAUTION BUMPS advisories. It looks like the cheapest possible approach to the problem short of outright neglect. And as the markings are the same through Arlington and Lexington, I'm guessing they weren't done by the towns, but unofficially.

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