Monday, March 12, 2012

Path, interrupted

I did my first serious skating of 2012 in today's fabulous weather. West of Lexington Center, detour signs at Camelia Place are largely ignored because the trail is clear until just short of Revere Street. The culvert east of Revere is rebuilt, though the cut is filled with dirt and gravel for now. Heavy equipment west of Revere persuaded me not to cross.

Two more culverts were replaced between Seasons Four and Maple Street, and another just west of Bow Street in East Lexington. None of these sites are repaved yet. I'm hoping they will be when the detour signage expires on the 16th. The Lexington DPW Projects page doesn't give an end date.

At Camelia Place, Lexington

West across Revere Street, Lexington

Maple Street in the distance

Near Bow Street, Lexington

Today: 6.4 miles. This year: 10.4 miles.

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