Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Possibly the Last Ring Post Posting

Even after hundreds of trips up and down the trail, a previously unseen relic of railroad days catches my eye. Yesterday I spotted a ring post lurking in the trees and brush. It's on the inbound side along the horse farm in Lexington, nearly opposite the boardwalk entrance to Parker Meadow.

Another Ring Post

Landscapers have opened up the end of Hancock Avenue at the trail, removing trees, brush, and a rusty old barrier made of rails.

Hancock Avenue today

Hancock Avenue one year ago.


Yury Kats said...

Nice find, I don't think I've noticed this one either!
Not skating much this year?

Trail Skater said...

Reduced skating this year, lots of Wii EA Sports Active. It's a decent workout, but indoors and not the same as skating. I'm regretful now that winter is coming.

That particular post is most visible from the unmarked back, where you wouldn't know it's a ring post. It's easy to pass it by.