Monday, September 1, 2008

Polka-dot Path

The fading center line of the path is marked with white dots from one end of Arlington to the other. Is this a prelude to repainting the line? The dots seem too subtle to be permanent markings themselves.

Near Spy Pond, Arlington

Today: 12.1 miles. This year: 1086.1 miles.


MIverson said...

There are yellow paint marks over all the holes and upraised roots on the Lexington branch. They've been there awhile. Does this mean thsses will be fixed?

Trail Skater said...

I think the warning marks in Lexington are unofficial. They've appeared several years running without the corresponding hazards being comprehensively fixed. Only a few of the worst dips have been filled and only two root-cracked sections have been repaved.

Karen said...

They were out painting a solid yellow line this morning around 8:00 am as I rode by.

Trail Skater said...

I wondered about that -- I headed toward Bedford from Hurd Field (behind Trader Joe's) about 7:30 this morning, didn't notice anything new. I crossed back into Arlington about 8:40 and there was a shining new line. I wasn't sure whether my eyes were still closed when I set out or if they painted it in the hour I was away.