Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Does it pay to advertise?

Today I chalked this blog's URL on the trail at the Hurd Field and Bedford Depot entrances in hope of lifting my audience out of the single digits. If you're here because you saw my graffiti, please read The Beginning and join in with your comments. Welcome aboard.

Blogvertising at the Hurd Field Entrance

Construction at the Lexington DPW

Today: 13 miles. This year 92.8 miles.


Caroline said...

Yes, I saw your advertising and am reading your blog!


Karen said...

Yes, I saw your chaulking too - in both places!

I have run over 220 miles so far this year, probably ~90% on the trail thanks to the snowplowing this winter. Thanks Arlington!

Trail Skater said...

You're really dedicated if you're running from Hurd Field to the Bedford end (and back, I suppose) in one workout. That helps explain how you've run further than I've skated so far this year.

I added URLs at the Maple Street ramp and one of the crossings near Lexington Center yesterday. Probably the Patriots Day crowds will wipe them out or maybe next week's forecast rain will.

Yury Kats said...

I saw it, but only after reading your post. I guess if you made it across the trail, it would get more attention!

I am not new here though :)

Trail Skater said...

Across the trail would be a lot more visible, definitely, but also wear away much faster. And I'd probably get run over kneeling in the middle of the trail.

Russ Nelson said...

I vote for "across the trail", but use sidewalk chalk and big letters.

Yury Kats said...

I saw an "across the trail" this morning.

Trail Skater said...

Evidently across-the-trail is more eye-catching. I thought I'd put one down before putting my skates on as it's very hard to kneel down and get up again in skates.