Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lexington Sweeps Clean, In Spots

There was plenty of storm debris on the trail in the first half of the week, especially along the East Lexington Shoals and at the private driveway between Seasons Four and Woburn Street. I fell in the sand and gravel at the driveway on Wednesday, so Thursday I was happy to see that Lexington had done some sweeping -- but only along the shoals and not at other sandy or littered spots.

I felt old on Wednesday even before I fell, as a skater half my age tore past me in the wetlands near Hartwell Ave. I sprinted after him in hope of crossing Hartwell in the same light cycle, so I was in time to see him make a sharp left around the gate and finish off with a 270 spin. I'll never skate like that.

The end of July means that Queen Anne's Lace is in bloom and the oaks are dropping tiny acorns. Last year I thought the tiny acorns were just the early ones, but they turned out to be nearly all there was. 2007 won't be a mast year either, at this rate.

Queen Anne's Lace near the Great Meadows

Yesterday: 13 miles. This year: 905 miles.

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