Monday, May 7, 2007

Excavation and Sanitation

The sand-filled cut across the trail at Camellia Place (spelled "Camille" on the sign) and Hancock Avenue was an open excavation on Monday. It looks ready for repaving, but you'll have to skirt around it until that happens.

There's a much larger excavation just off the trail between Edison Way and Grant Street in Lexington Center. It's right behind the existing substation and I wonder if it might be another.

When I saw a trash bag on the trail at Woburn Street, I thought it was illegal dumping. When I saw another at Bedford Street, I thought it was more illegal dumping. Then when I saw a rusty ladder, an old lawnmower, and more bags in the wetlands area near Hartwell Avenue, it finally dawned on me that there must have been a cleanup, and all this trash was waiting to be collected. The rusting cot below was near Wiggins Avenue.

Today: 21 miles. This year: 204.5 miles.

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