Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Chase Corporate Challenge

The Boston edition of the Chase Corporate Challenge will be run tomorrow night. The 3.5 mile course stretches from the Boston Common to Kenmore Square and back. My employer will be well represented with dozens of runners and less well represented by non-runners like me.

The trail was wet and spattered with storm debris yesterday, so I went 3.5 miles on foot instead of skating. It was immediately clear there's no way I'm running that distance. I'll be walking at a brisk four miles per hour instead. Our team captain tells me there are plenty of non-runners at the event and huge crowds in the way anyhow.

Today: 16.5 miles. This year: 484.8 miles.


Yury Kats said...

There are way more non-runners than runners in that race and the crowds are so huge that it's pretty much impossible to run or even walk at a decent pace. Unless you start really close to the front, but you shouldn't really be doing that if you are not a fast runner.

Enjoy and good luck!

I haven't registered this year as the price has gotten too high for a non-race race.

Trail Skater said...

Ab Initio covers the entry fee for employees and makes custom t-shirts every year. (I'm really in it for the shirt -- don't tell!) The only thing the company doesn't cover is our tab at Jacob Wirth's after the race.

I'll line up at the back, don't worry. I've already arranged my walking partner.

Trail Skater said...

My walking partner and I executed our plan perfectly. We aimed to walk four miles per hour (15-minute miles). Our clock times for the shortened three-mile course were 45:20 and 45:45. The middle mile went slowly because of bottlenecks passing under Mass. Ave. each way, but we made it up with a little jogging in the home stretch.