Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roll Up and Be Counted

A bikeway census worker was counting passers-by from the platform of the Lexington Depot today. There's also a Saturday survey, though I didn't think to ask if it was last Saturday or next.

I saw a barefoot runner in Lexington carrying his shoes, the first I've seen on the trail despite barefoot running's trendiness. I saw a trail user wearing Vibram Five Fingers shoes last month, but she was cycling.

Today: 11.3 miles. This year: 271 miles.

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Noile said...

Vibram Five Fingers? A big "thumbs up" from here! I wrote a post about them two years ago.

I use mine exclusively for the only exercise I really enjoy (the kayaking I mentioned earlier today!), but Mr. Noile (as he's known on this particular blog) walks regularly in his.