Monday, March 29, 2010

Closed for Repairs

Arlington is closing the Minuteman Bikeway for repairs this week from Hurd Field (Trader Joe's) to Ryder Street (Arlington Recreation Center). Seeing how it's pouring today, with more rain expected tomorrow, I doubt they'll finish on time and there might even be further damage.

Thanks to Jack Johnson of the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee for the tip.

Update: Jack reports there's no repair work today. I bet that goes for tomorrow, too.

Update 2: The closure, repairs, and renewed rain are also noted on


Anonymous said...

Hi, Trail Skater.

Thanks for posting updates on the Bikeway.

Question: where can I buy brakes for my skates (Rollerblade Training)? Looks like they need to be replaced pretty soon.

Trail Skater said...

With the shortage of local skate stores, I've been getting my equipment at Inline Warehouse. They have a page of Rollerblade parts.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I found skate brakes I need at a local store - "Tricon Sports" at Marrett Square in Lexington, next to Gulf gas station. They were $9.95 a pair. The store had also skate wheels and some other accessories.