Friday, October 17, 2008

Narrow Gauge Trail; Rectangular Plots; Woburn St. Paving

I passed the end of the Minuteman this morning and skated the paved portion of the Bedford Narrow Gauge Rail Trail over to the Great Road. I hadn't been there in years and had completely forgotten that a hundred yards or so of narrow gauge are rusting away alongside the trail. [Update: These rails are a re-creation, not original, and probably weren't there at my previous visit ten years ago.]

Near Loomis Street on the BNGRT

The gauge is well under two feet

On both trails I saw neatly excavated, taped-off rectangular plots. Landscaping? Archaeology? Shallow graves? I don't know.

After months of disruption and more than a week of outright closure, Woburn Street in Lexington was repaved this morning.

From Fletcher Ave. toward the trail crossing on Woburn St.

Today: 13.8 miles. This year: 1459.7 miles.


Yury Kats said...

I was wondering about those excavated spots too.
The rails at the beginning of Narrow Gauge are a replica, I believe.

Trail Skater said...

If they're a replica, maybe that's why I don't remember them. They look neither new nor antique, so they could have been built in the ten years since I went that way. There's nothing about these rails in the Bedford NGRT Guide published by the Friends of Depot Park in 2001.

Trail Skater said...

OK, definite replica. On the Bedford Depot site I found this one-liner: "See an interpretive replica of the B&B's two-foot-gauge track at the Loomis Street end of the right-of-way." The linked photo shows a child shoveling gravel along newly-built tracks, very different from today's overgrown and weedy scene.